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  • hey mike,
    you may get a email from the guys over from Mr bodykits .com
    I got some c pillar scoops and mentioned your site tp them for exposure and they said I sounded good..hope you can make a deal with them. talk to you soon
    thanks i just love stangs this is my second in 10 year period love that muscle look and sounds great. i would love to do more as far as the engine but times are kind of ruff right now..
    looks like another wierdo got on . Who is Cardsbigloveron with his post I like to spam?

    Response: I changed his spam message to say that :rockwoot: deleted now though. Thanks
    hey man i know this site doesnt support street racing but i found an awesome link to the history of street racing in NY back in like the 60s and 70s. i think everyone should stay in touch with there roots so do u mind if i post it? ive spent like the last 2 hours reading it and looking at pics. there is actually a guy putting together a documentary about it
    Hey mike I noticed that on the home page you have all the members cars on it across the top I looked for mine and didn't find it ,why??can i put it there or who does it.
    whats up Mike, Just wanted to thankyou for doing all this work. I also do all the work for my club and boy some times I wonder why I do it. Then I go in my garage and see my Cobra.. Its the love of these Mustangs that keep guys like you and me going... Keep up the good work..
    They were never not ready. Use the Calendar link on the navbar uptop...same row as User CP. Don't forget to use the 'Upcoming Events' link up top to post the location on the map :headbang:
    so i had to promise the guys on the forums that id put honda badges on ur car if u dont add a cobra/svt section to the forums. lol.
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