1. D

    19" 2011-2014 Brembo Track Pack Wheels with Tires

    Here are 4 wheels from a 2013 Mustang 5.0 with the Brembo Brake Package. The wheels have been PlastiDipped for almost their whole life. I just removed the PlastiDip today so that I could search for any scratches. There are only 2 imperfections to the wheels. They are both on 2 different wheels...
  2. ElmosGotBeef'12

    F/S Stock 2012 rims and tires (michelin defenders)

    Hey all, trying to free up garage space. rims were on the car for 45,000 miles and they are in excellent condition. one rim has curb rash on the outer edge but it is not very noticeable. tires were recently put on, i believe they have between 3000-4000 miles on them. Starting price is...
  3. ROUSH 4

    New ratller rims

    :beer:will be purchasing rims for my all season tires . currently shelby supersnake forged alcoa wheels:beerchugg:
  4. eamonn93

    Anyone selling wheels and tires???

    hey im looking for a wheel and tire package for my 96 mustang and brand new wheels are just too expensive for me. im looking to spend around $500. I'd prefer a set of cobra rims or something with a deep dish for the rear. just post pics of the wheels if youre interested in selling...im located...
  5. D

    Mustang trx 4 bolt aluminum rims

    IF INTERESTED, CALL DON AT 716-697-3096. Selling a set of four Mustang TRX rims that fit many 4-bolt Ford hubs from the years 1979 to 1984, but may fit later Fords as well. They also fit Mercury Capri and should fit Thunderbirds as well. These wheels are a special METRIC size and were offered...
  6. M

    junk wheels and tires for 05 mustang

    black wheels nothing fancy just need to roll car around. contact jay at redfantasy@optonline.net
  7. sketch911

    Need 2 drag radials for 2006 gt

    if anyone has drag radials that will fit my 2006 gt then message me...i prefer to have rims and tires but if just tires then let me kno
  8. MineralGray02K

    Group Purchase on wheel re-coating / re-dipping

    There have been a few requests to Prodigy Coating for wheel re-coating / re-dipping, and they have offered the members of New York Mustang a discounted rate for group purchasers. Wheels coatings usually start at 125.00 per wheel, but we will be offered a discounted rate. It's just an idea right...
  9. C

    Set of Four 16" Mustang GT Rims & Tires

    What's up guys? I've had this set of four stock GT rims in my shed, and completely forgot about them until I went in there for Christmas Decorations. Anyways, there just the stock 16 inch alloy wheels, nothing special, but would make a great set of winter wheels or even track wheels. If thats...