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  1. ford20

    What is the best tire, suspension, power set up for Track/Daily 2011 GT

    The number one thing that you want to consider are your tires. They will have the biggest impact on performance than just about anything else. For corners and running HPDE or autocross or handling in general you want to get as much rubber as you can on your car front and rear for added grip...
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    No one has been able to do it better than Ford factory as of yet.
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    Exhaust and Bolt on modding advice needed...

    I know that this thread is stupid old, but just to address some things here. The stock headers can certainly be improved upon even with going the Shorty header route. The Kooks Super Street Headers are a good example and will pickup additional HP over the stock headers while still maintaining...
  4. ford20

    Moding 2014 V6 Automatic to Standard Manual Trans

    The Magnum XL is going to be overkill for the 3.7 in all honesty and way expensive. It is mostly designed for GT's that are looking for a stronger and better designed transmission. In all honesty, pulling a MT-82 out of a GT or looking for someone who is auto swapping and changing over the...
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    What exhaust deals can I get?

    Haha yes the cams that are in there now loped pretty nicely in there haha. Before that was my favorite thing to do, just let off the gas on decel and snap crackle pop lol. I didn't have any drone on the first setup, I don't know about the new setup as I haven't driven it yet.
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    What exhaust deals can I get?

    Magnaflow makes a quad tip kit and they give you a template to cut the valance if you want to go that route. Outside of those 4 you can check Hypermotive Performance, JPC Racing, Steeda or even Amazon has some good deals as well. This is what my car sounded like with the Ford Racing SVT...
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    What exhaust deals can I get?

    There are tons of exhausts out there. If you have a 13-14 I would recommend the Corsa Quad tip exhaust from Hypermotive as it looks amazing and it sounds pretty good. If you can find a set of the Boss 302 side pipes that is your best bet as that pumps the exhaust sound right into the...
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    Front Lower Control Arms

    It depends to be honest. The only real reason to do so is to lighten up the front of the car and depending on what kind of racing you do if any would necessitate the need for them. If you plan on road racing a lot then the option there would to go ahead with the Boss 302S front control arms...
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    GO Caliper covers

    Looking good!! Just keep an eye on the rotors for micro cracks by the drilled holes.
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    S550............2015 shelby supersnake

    That's a tough one. I love everything else about it but the hood. I feel like they sort of did the same thing like Roush did with their 2015 front end. The 2015 has nice curves while front end of the Roush has those square fog light things which throws the figure of the car off in my opinion...
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    2016 GT 350............Would you purchase it?

    Stu, I would sell you for a GT350R lol. At this point I just want the carbon fiber wheels from it.
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    Airbag Recall - Who's done them in NYC?

    You're in Brooklyn right? I would try the bigger dealers like Bronx Ford or Diblasi I think they are called. If you don't mind going out to LI hit up Levittown Ford or Smithtown Ford.
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    Cruise for the Wounded Warriors

    You have the Accord parked outside of Independant no?
  14. ford20

    Big Changes To Yorktown Cars and Coffee!!!

    Gahhhhh! Hmmm ok well I thought I had that mystery solved haha. That's just because you're old ...... :D
  15. ford20

    Big Changes To Yorktown Cars and Coffee!!!

    I was wondering who this new york_mustangs was on Instagram. Also, no club promotion on the site
  16. ford20

    Big Changes To Yorktown Cars and Coffee!!!

    I was wondering who this new york_mustangs was on Instagram. Also, no club promotion on the site
  17. ford20

    NYS Inspection

    Damn ... I was hoping you were going to say you had long tubes haha.
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    S550.............Yeah or Nay

    HahahA ok, maybe that is a bit much but I would really like to have one.
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    2015 Mustang GT vs 2014 Mustang GT STREET RACE!

    He was granny shifting, not double clutching like he should.