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  1. loustang

    Bear Mountain Car Show *2015* - Ongoing Thread

    Hey they haven't said anything about cancelation yet so its still on.
  2. loustang

    Bear Mountain Car Show *2015* - Ongoing Thread

    Wow hey that's a nice ride to Bear Mt, I'm watching the weather hoping it doesn't mess things up there saying late showers but will see how it looks in the morning.
  3. loustang

    Bear Mountain Car Show *2015* - Ongoing Thread

    Hey everyone I've been MIA with extra work this summer But is anyone interested in going to Bear Mt tomorrow last day of the season post up let us know ASAP we can meet in yonkers takaho rd staples mall lot by 430 out by 5 or 515 let's go...
  4. loustang

    Realspeed wins again at New Jersey Motorsports Park

    Awsome run n win, Dan congrats to u n Realspeed crew great job...
  5. loustang

    What Realspeed was doing last weekend...

    Hey like always Dan great driving awsome video u make it look so easy lol congrats on the win.:first::stang5:
  6. loustang

    Cruise for the Wounded Warriors

    Hey this sounds interesting post up the date it say June 7 on the flyer n i dont see an address or time it starts n ends on the flyer? Thanks.
  7. loustang

    New guy, Orange County, NY

    Welcome to NYM.
  8. loustang

    New here

    Welcome to NYM and good luck on ur mustang search.
  9. loustang

    Bear Mountain Car Show *2014* - Ongoing Thread

    I'm not going this week maybe next week I'll make a cruise I'll post up the meet spot ok see everyone soon.
  10. loustang

    New mods new looks

    Hey both cars looking sweet good job with the mods.
  11. loustang

    New Guy From Queens

    Welcome to NYM.
  12. loustang

    new guy from Long Island

    Welcome to NYM.
  13. loustang

    new to this whole forum thing!!

    Welcome to NYM.
  14. loustang

    2015 Franklinville Maple festival car show

    To bad i work that day sounds like good time. That sound good all u can eat pancakes n sausage damn lol hav fun if weather permits.:headbang:
  15. loustang

    MGW shifter install

    Hey whats up neighbor I'm in the Bronx, so yeah call up RealSpeed and speak to Matt or Rob and tell them Luis referred you from NYM. my car is currently there now getting some mods installed they r a great shop and good people they'll take Good care of you and fix you right up trust Me you won't...
  16. loustang

    Official 2015 Opener at the Glen Picture Album

    Nice pics n video fellas thanks for sharing.
  17. loustang

    First timer

    Welcome to NYM.
  18. loustang

    CRUISE to 2015 AHRC carshow fundraiser. Sunday 5/3/2015

    Definitely would like to meet up n cruise in with u guys elmos I'm hoping Realspeed will hav my car ready by then :mechanic: I'll let u know what happens.
  19. loustang

    What it looks like behind the Realspeed race car

    Awsome race n video Matt n congrats Dan great driving u put those tires to use at every corner :3gears::stang5::first:
  20. loustang

    CRUISE to 2015 AHRC carshow fundraiser. Sunday 5/3/2015

    Ok frankie sounds good I'll post up n let u guys know how the progress is going with my car hope it gets done this week would be nice will see talk to u soon brother.:headbang: