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  1. mustangcobra94

    End of summer, beat the balls off the car time for winter build!

    Welp sadly summers over, Cars been beat on and found the 12 owner,150k past i think this car needs a good build like she deserves! I just got a better paying job so my parts should be pretty easy into getting. First things first, the tranny needs to rebuilt. Anyone know any decent shops...
  2. mustangcobra94

    got a voltage problem-_-

    I'm getting a serious voltage drop at idle.. lights flickering. Held it at 1000 rpms and she still flickered. A buddy of my said then voltage regulator on the alternator could have went. Just curious what steps I should take in order to figure what the hell is going on....thanks guys
  3. mustangcobra94

    Just an update

    Hey all, been a bit silent lately with work and all. But hell the mustangs coming along pretty good so far! Seats are in, sound system was put into play about 2 weeks ago after that nightmare wiring job by previous owners :(. Trunk was grinding down and resprayed, ignition got new...
  4. mustangcobra94

    Cobra wheels, does AM include the logo

    Hey all, I was considering buying chrome cobra R wheels from american muscle on my car and was wondering if they have the cobra logo in the center like my black 95 cobra rims. If anyone knows if they do or not it'd be greatly appreciated!
  5. mustangcobra94

    Hitch things....

    Hey all, well every fourth of july I put a flagpole to my hitch and drive around for the day. Now my question is can i get a simple hitch assembly to support the flag at around 70 mph tops. The cars the 94 mustang, any input would be appreciated! Thanks all!
  6. mustangcobra94

    Finally got one

    Welp, i finally got a mustang! shes a 94 gt with cobra motor, transmission and brake system. Shes pretty close to stock, just a b303 cam, 373s in the rear. As well as the normal intake and exhaust. Ill upload pictures tomorrow of the paint! Looking forward to fixing her flaws as of now...
  7. mustangcobra94

    Once again need some help

    Hey all, I found a 01 GT with about 80k on the dash, downside is the car will need a new drivers door and drivers side quarter panel. Its all comestic and everything else on the car works perfect. Hes asking $3800 which hopefully i can neg on it a little more, just curious if its something worth...
  8. mustangcobra94

    looking at a 98 gt need some help on it

    hey all, I'm looking at a 98 gt with about 150,000 miles, 5 spd clean in and out. My question is how hard is it to build the motor? I want to start fixing/ learning how everything works together. I know the foxbody would be the easiest to do this on however their aren't too many clean ones...
  9. mustangcobra94

    96 5.0?

    Hey all, I was looking at a mustang and the guy had 5.0 in the description. Called him up and got some pictures and is a legit 5.0. Have any of you seen a 96 gt with the 5.0 in it from the 95? or could it be he swapped the 4.6 out for the 5.0?
  10. mustangcobra94

    2000 ford mustang gt clutch issue

    I have an issue with a buds GT. AS you push the clutch in you get a grinding noise. As soon as i let off the clutch no noise at all. Any possible causes?
  11. mustangcobra94

    hey all, from longisland

    Hey all, just joined the forums, as of now im mostly just looking for a mustang for the summer. Lemme know what you guys got!