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  1. Captain Chris

    Mustang Rally of the Finger Lakes 2019

    Anyone going? Debating on whether I want to go or not, last time I went there were a lot less people attending.
  2. Captain Chris

    Which sounds better in your opinion?

    Old Setup: Current Setup:
  3. Captain Chris

    The Crew

    This game is an absolute blast. Definitely recommended to check out if you want a more laid back kind of racing game with a HUGE map to explore! :awesomework: The Crew - Available Now on PS4, Xbox One, PC | Ubisoft® (US)
  4. Captain Chris

    T-56 Transmission out of 2004 Cobra

    F/S T-56 Transmission out of 2004 Cobra SOLD! Selling my T-56 that was out of a 2004 Cobra. Shifts great however sometimes has trouble going into 6th gear. However once it goes in it never has a problem shifting into a different gear or popping out. There is no grinding or issues with...
  5. Captain Chris

    Squeaking when clutch is engaged

    I noticed that if I press in the clutch, I hear an intermittent squeaking noise. If I let off the clutch it goes away. Any idea what this could be? I know if it's disengaged it's the "]throwout bearing so I'm guessing that isn't the problem. Seems to happen when the engine is cool and goes...
  6. Captain Chris

    Coolant crossover plug stripped, yay

    So I tried taking off my coolant crossover tube plug the other day and ended up stripping it because it was on so tight. I was even using a cheater bar. Today I tried heating up the car to 180 degrees, releasing the pressure, and then using vice grips to get it off as recommended and that...
  7. Captain Chris

    Project CARS

    Really looking forward this game. Looks great from what I've seen, very realistic! Won't be released for another year or so. Even has Watkins Glen! I'll be getting it for PC.
  8. Captain Chris

    50 Years of Mustang pinball machine by Stern

    Stern just announced a 50 Years of Mustang pinball machine. HECK YEAH! :headbang:
  9. Captain Chris

    2015 Ford Mustang: This Is It

    2015 Ford Mustang: This Is It
  10. Captain Chris

    Xbox One or PS4?

    What are you planning on going with? For me it's either Forza or Gran Turismo since those are exclusives, hard choice because I love both of those.. might have to just wait..
  11. Captain Chris

    Will a different x-pipe alter the sound much?

    Hey guys, Was just wondering if putting on a different x-pipe will change the sound of my exhaust much. Right now I have a 3' UPR x pipe but I've been thinking of getting a different one, maybe a Bassani to see if it fits better. It sits way too low and it seems impossible to adjust it...
  12. Captain Chris

    NYM Lake George Summer Cruise - 8/24/13

    We will meet at 10:00 AM at the Burger King lot in Clifton Park. We'll hit the road around 10:30 or earlier if everyone is there and ready. Reservations for the Barnsider are set for 12:00 PM, should be plenty of parking. From there we will head up I-87 to Lake George for lunch at the...
  13. Captain Chris

    The Pinball Arcade

    If anyone is into Pinball and REAL tables, this will be releasing today on Xbox live arcade and new tables will be added every month! It's also being released on PS3, PSP, 3DS, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and Wii. :awesomework: Official The Pinball Arcade Trailer - YouTube
  14. Captain Chris

    Mustang Week 2011 - 17 minutes of Mustang flybys!

    Enjoy!! :headbang: Mustang Week 2011 Pullout - YouTube
  15. Captain Chris

    Automation Game - Design your own car company and cars!

    Can't wait to play this.. check it out guys and gals! Very cool! It's being developed by 3 people during their own time, should be available to pre-order soon. Posting this here to get the word out a bit. Automation | A Car Company Tycoon Game "Automation is a car company tycoon game in...
  16. Captain Chris

    Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

    Hey guys, For those of you that have fun with the GTA games, the game has finally been announced, here is the trailer! :D Grand Theft Auto V Debut Trailer [HD] - YouTube
  17. Captain Chris

    Forza Motorsport 4 Preorder

    Hey everybody, Just wanted to let you know that Forza 4 is ready to be preordered! Can't wait for this game! I think I may need to get a wheel for this one! :D Forza Motorsport 4 Pre-Order | Forza Motorsport