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  1. teknik

    Old member, ... New (old) Mustang!!!

    Thanks guys, ... currently working on a bunch of "old car" maintenance issues. Just changed out the parking brake cables today. Few more odds and ends to get to this weekend, but nothing super major. I found a small radiator leak, so I'm not driving it right now until my new one arrives. Can't...
  2. teknik

    Old member, ... New (old) Mustang!!!

    Hey everyone, ... it's been a crazy 10 years since I have been on here, but I'm finally back in the Mustang world, and back in NY for the time being. Who's that I see as staff members, ... Mike?, Greg?, Steve?, ... you guys still around? What's up my dudes?!?!? Looking forward to meeting some...
  3. teknik

    Sniper Delta Force Bazooka 95mm MAF

    This is a Delta Force Tuning 95mm Bazooka MAF, BA-3000. The flange can be removed for use in a blow through application if needed. It has always worked perfectly. It is a little dirty and has some scuff marks and scratches on the surface. The inside and sensor are completely fine. The sensor...
  4. teknik

    99-04 Billet Fuel Rail Adapter 4V Cobra

    This is a fuel gauge adapter for 99-04 4V Mustangs. It may also fit other vehicles, but I do not know. It includes a couple different 4 AN fittings, the stock fuel rail pressure sensor and a mechanical fuel gauge. I no longer have the longer bolts for this. You can easily purchase new bolts from...
  5. teknik

    1979 Coupe Modular Fox 5.4 Twin Turbo

    On Ebay !!! Ford : Mustang | eBay
  6. teknik

    1979 Mach 1 Custom 5.4 Twin Turbo

    TTT........on Ebay !!! Ford : Mustang | eBay
  7. teknik

    White Plains Car Show May 22 (rain date)

    Re: White Plains Car Show May 15 I'm good to go........see you all on Sunday. @jerseygirl.......switch a day with someone as opposed to taking off. @ford20..........cancel stuff and come hang out.
  8. teknik

    Cobra or Mach 1 ??

    Mine is for sale....... and yes it is that Mach.......just sayin'.
  9. teknik

    1979 Mach 1 Custom 5.4 Twin Turbo

    Thanks Greg......I came across something interesting I would like to buy, but I need to sell this now I am starting to get a little eager to sell it.
  10. teknik

    1979 Mach 1 Custom 5.4 Twin Turbo

    Thanks everyone.....I had a buyer lined up, but he backed out due to lack of funds..... anyone else?
  11. teknik

    oxygen sensor HELP

    All your problems seem to be with the MIL eliminators.....If you put them on the front O2's , and not the back, then the 420 code is due to the rear O2's not sensing the cats, since you removed them. So that is correct. The 133 code is from the MIL on the front O2 , blocking the sensor from...
  12. teknik

    99 cobra v1 build thread

    You don't need a lip..... you need a drill the hole the proper size and location, then go and get a steel spacer the proper diameter..... then you have the lip for the idler pulley. Problem solved. But the bracket does just need to modify it slightly to work on your...
  13. teknik

    99 cobra v1 build thread

    The bracket will fit ALL 4 Valve motors.....ANY year......yes, you need a hole for your year.....that's the only difference.....break out a drill and make one.
  14. teknik

    stock strut question

    No......just disconnect the strut off the spindle and pull on will bind the strut rod and keep it from spinning too much.
  15. teknik

    stock strut question

    Impact wrench while binding the rod slightly by pulling on the strut in the wheel well........or......a large "T" flathead screwdriver (sometimes a 4 way tire iron has it).....and a wrench on the nut.
  16. teknik

    1979 Mach 1 Custom 5.4 Twin Turbo

    It has come time to sell my car. I have reached the point with it where it is still fun to drive, but I can't be bothered tinkering with the few issues it has. It is way too fast for my liking and it needs to go to someone who will love it and take a little time to address a few things. The...
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