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  1. nash

    car stalls when headlights/AC turned on, not batt/alt for sure

    Hey big problem... my car stalls randomly, and you can apparently cause it to, by turning on the headlights or the AC. recently i hit a huge pothole that took out the wheel... not sure if related. anyway, brought the battery and alternator to autozone type store and they are both good. any...
  2. nash

    Need 4300's for 1999 Mustang, got um?

    Hey I need the 4300's... got any left, and how do we go about doin this?
  3. nash

    JL 12W3V2 Sub's, 2x.. w/ JL 500/1 Amp.

    I have 2 JL 12W3V2's and a JL 500/1 amp, in my 1999 Mustang 3.8L.. and at least 3 people a day ask me what type of stereo i have, or say "wow nice car" mainly because of the stereo. it hits so deep compared to most subs, you can hear it from miles away, according the melbourne, fl police...
  4. nash

    What tropical storm fay did to my v6

    Don't worry, problem was solved within 2 days. And yes, I'm a dumb ass.
  5. nash

    DONT BUY the ebay tinted headlights 99-04!

    Hey everyone, don't buy the 99-04 tinted headlight housings that cost somethin around $70 off ebay, cuz i only had them for a week and theres moisture inside them already! they look 10 years old, ****ing pissed.
  6. nash

    Center caps?

    Hey does anyone know where I can buy a single center cap, instead of paying $120 for a whole set? Or, where to get a nice cheap whole set? Thanks Mike
  7. nash

    Welcome to the V6 Forum

    Welcome everyone. Post all your V6 questions and comments here.