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    F/S 2004 TR Cobra 17k Miles

    Putting up my 2004 Torch Red Cobra. Just turned 17k, car is barely driven. Mods include: K&N Eibach Lowering Springs Steeda Catback MGW shifter Nitto 555R DR on Replica 17x10.5 rear Full Tilt Boogie Bushing Kit More that I'm forgetting, will update further when home to review...
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    Finally took some good pics of the Cobra!

    Guys, updated my photo album with some new pics of the cobra- A friend of mine at work has a really sweet Nikon and we cruised Scotia to snap some pics. Let me know what you think.
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    Just got the new rear wheels and tires!

    Just got home from work today and UPS dropped off my 17x10.5 Chrome 03-04 rear wheels with Nitto 555R's Drag Radials mounted on them. Got them from American Muscle- More pics to follow when I pick up a real camera. :rock:
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    New Member

    Hello guys, new to the NY forums. My car is a 2004 Torch Red Cobra with some performance mods- Steeda catback, and K&N CAI. I just had the car out at the Metro Ford show and met some members of this forum. I look forward to cruisin and networking with other mustang owners on here-:rock:.