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    90 Motor in 86 Body

    What going on people, So I have a 1990 vert donor car and a 1986 hatch. I pulled the motor and engine harness from the 90 and put it in the 86 but now I've hit a wall on the build. The 86 still has the original dash and body wire harness and I need to know how to jump it to the 90 harness so...
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    WTB SN95

    What's up everyone, I'm looking for an SN95 Shell. Doesn't need to be in great condition, don't really need a motor or tranny either, just need a shell with interior don't even need to have rims and tires, looking for something reasonable. I have an 1986 Camaro shell if anyone is interested i...
  3. famo

    30 lb injectors

    Anyone selling 30 lb injectors? Kind of need them asap. willing to pay for overnight shipping if necessary. Thanks!
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  5. What can I say? I guess I'm a Ford type of guy

    What can I say? I guess I'm a Ford type of guy

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  7. Smoked headlights with HID's

    Smoked headlights with HID's

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