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  1. stratgirl

    2008 Mustang Bullitt, 19K Miles, Highland Green

    2008 Highland Green Bullitt, #4856 for sale. 19k miles, black leather interior, 5-speed & in excellent condition. NC car purchased by me about 6 months ago and transported to Long Island. Selling to get a family car (2 kids). Garage kept. Tons of extras, including Eibach spring pro-kit...
  2. stratgirl

    Unlocked SCT Xcal 3 Tuner

    Selling an unlocked SCT Xcal 3 tuner. Installed a Brenspeed tune for my Shelby on it, and lost the Shelby thanks to hurricane Sandy. So, no longer need the tuner. Asking $200. Pick-up in Lindenhurst (Nassau/Suffolk County) Area preferred. E-mail shelly5107 (at)
  3. stratgirl

    Thinking of an auto to manual conversion?

    I have a low milage manual 08' GT that I'm considering converting to auto. It's a fun car, it's just a bitch driving in NYC traffic every day. I'm looking for a donor car, or someone with a low milage 08'-09' GT with an automatic transmission looking to convert to manual that would be willing...
  4. stratgirl

    Anyone install a push button start?

    Just curious to see if anyone installed one.
  5. stratgirl

    Kinda new in Suffolk

    What's up? I've been lurking here for a week or so, figured I'd post a hello. I'm from Suffolk county. You can usually find me at Massapequa or Bellmore on Friday nights. The captree thing is just waaay too early for me. -Shelly
  6. stratgirl

    L.I. mustang totalled - fatalities.

    This sucks. Anyone know him?,0,1818795.story
  7. stratgirl

    Whipped husband sells mustang :lol:
  8. stratgirl

    Brenspeed or Bamachips tune?

    Anyone have experience with either? Leaning toards Brenspeed, but wanted to get some opinions first. thanks!