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    replace convertible top

    Hi thereI want to replace my convertible top by myself. So i bought a new convertible top at american musle. But now installing it. Does anyone have an instruction video for me or a written manual with alot of photo's? All sorts of advice are welcome, maybe someone is nearby and can give me a...
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    Wanted Seatbelt Mustang Conv 1996

    Hi guys I hope some one can help me to find a seat belt for my 96 Mustang Conv. I need a driver side seatbelt in dark grey. Or if not available any color will do...:). Black will do too, but than I will need the passenger side too. Please help me. Maybe a tip where to find one?? Thanks in...
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    My drivers side door is hanging a little, I think the hinges are worn a little, is there a repair kit available or another sollution for this problem?
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    Seat belts

    I just imported a 96 base conv. to the Netherlands and now I'm waiting for the technical check to get the dutch license plates. One of the things they check are the seat belts, the one on the drivers side is worn. I'm not going to pass the test with a belt like that, does anyone know where I can...
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    Back-up sensors

    Hi there, maybe somebody can give some advice on back-up sensors. I'm thinking of installing them on my 96 conv base. But I don't want to dril holes into my bumper for the sensors. Is there a non visible version on the market?
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    Original 460 stereo

    Hey there I just bought a base V6 conv. 96. Came with the original 460 stereo. I red somewhere there has to be a subwoofer. But I don't see one in the trunk. Is it possible it has been removed through the years or am I looking at the wrong spot?
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    Remote control entry key

    I just bought a '96 3.8 conv. But it only came with one key and one remote. How do i know if the key is coded and if I order a new remote, how to program it, can I do it myself? ( I live in the Netherlands so no Mustang dealer close by) I'll post some pics of my new ride soon
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    Towing rate for a 96 V6 convertible

    I just bought a V6 convertible Mustang 1996 and I want to tow a 3000 pound trailer , but the only spec I can find says a max of 1000 pounds is allowed. Why is that? I'm sure the engine can handle the extra 3000 pounds. But what about the rest of my car? Can anyone help me with this problem...
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    Introduction of a new member

    Let me introduce myself, I'm Frank Sellier from The Netherlands Europe and I own a 1966 Mustang 289 coupe. Bought the car in 1998 in Santa Barbara CA. Shipped it home and repaired the things needed to get the dutch licence plates. The car is still waiting for new paint or a visit from Chip...