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    99-04 strut tower covers- gloss black (licensed ford product)

    hey guys i have some strut tower covers i got from they retail for 100 im looking for 65 if anyone is interest there in good condition, 2 small scratches you can see in the pictures.thanks
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    18x8 w/t tires + 1 18x10 (black AMR)

    hey guys im selling my black amr wheels its a set of 18x8 w/t tires in good overal condition... one tire needs to be replaced.... also i have a brand new 18x10 im looking for 500 if your interested please message me, thanks
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    thoughts on rev matching

    I was hanging out with some friends the other night an one of my buddies was getting on my friend about rev matching, he said it is horrible for the clutch an tranny if you rev match..... I can see that being true, as i dont much anyway, after doing some quick research i decided to come to you...
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    Custom license plate

    Hey guys im thinking of getting a personal license plate, im trying to come up with something original. would anyone mind sharing what there custom plate is? Anyone have any suggestions for my 2004 gt its going to be supercharged, im open to ideas an id appreciate some good thoughts!
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    whats everyones plans for this upcoming season?

    I hope everyone's having a good start of a new year, I figured i would share my plans for this season. Right now i have a appointment on march 3rd for new ball joints, caster camber plates, and bumpsteer kit, im also going to have them do my rear upper an lower control arms. I also am going...
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    sequential tailights

    hey guys have any of you guys tried these, i did but it doesnt seem to be sequential seems more like just a pulse... i know they sell the modifier to slow it down is that what i need... or did i possibly do something wrong:confused:
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    mods for 99-04 gt

    any suggestions for mod ideas? what i have... 4.10 gears trickflow upper intake plenum trickflow 75mm throttle body bbk cai bbk headers mac prochambered mid pipe flowmaster dual exaust someone told me to look into a electronic water pump which is a option.... i was thinking...
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    beginner question about gears! Help if you dont mind!

    ok i was planning on changing my gears because i thought the gears i had on my car were stock.... so time has come for me to get the gears i texted the guy i got the car from he told me i have 4.10s done by mustang magic :( ....:(..... i dont really understand the low end top end stuff if...
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    curious about shaker hood 99-04 gt

    anyone have any experience with or know about installing...a shaker hood for a 2004 gt.... i have been looking for decent mods for a bit but i dont want to go over kill.. i was looking at the shaker hood for a while im trying to figure out if it installs directly to your stock gt hood? i...
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    18x9/18x10 black cobra r wheels

    hey guys im selling these wheels w/t tires anyone from nym that wants these id sell them cheaper to you. check out my add on craigslist thanks for looking. :rock::awesomework: 1999-2004 mustang wheels
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    black cobra 17s

    for sale. best offer message me or text me at 631-506-9643
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    2003 mustang

    Im selling my 2003 mustang it currently has 69xxx miles on it. The car is well taken care of, oil is changed every 2000 miles. Hasnt been in any accidents. Im looking to sell the car for 8000 because i just put new wheels and tires on the car i do have the stock wheels w/t tires so if your...
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    HELP! v6 mods or sell my v6 for a v8

    whats up guys im in quite a bind, i bought a v6 about a year ago, ive done basically nothing it seems because of the restrictions of v6s... im thinking of supercharging it to make the most out of it but ive already invested enough to know im only going to lose money if i sell it... ive got a...