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  1. 92droptopgt

    Jrichker stang god where are you?

  2. 92droptopgt

    Cranks dont run! Computer or timing? Help please

    Ok my car craped out on me uts a 92 mustang 5.0 ho t5wc 25000. It was running pritty good and one day it just died! I finally got it to start back,up again and it would idle if I help my foot on throttle about 1/4 way down! But no power and keeps dieing no throttle response whats so ever...
  3. 92droptopgt

    No power to ignition coil

    Well I was I was driving my car and it shut off and took a sec of turning the engine to get started again and was choppy then it was good Two hours later I was jump starting someones car and it kept dieing then just wouldnt start turns over but nothing! I checked the spark from coil and it was...
  4. 92droptopgt

    Vacumm what to keep what to clean up?

    Hey i no iv been posting alota posts lately but only cause i wana have my car complete! Just wondering what vacumes to keep and what dosent matter. Well i dont wana just get rid of vac that has a elec hook up! Dont want my computer going crazy! Any help wil be greatly appriciated this vac...
  5. 92droptopgt

    Temp of engine? New elec fan? Performance?

    Ok i have a elec fan i just put installed today! My original temp was about 120 im pritty sure and my new temp is a about 140 150 well the slash right above 130? I guess it wont hurt it but id rather have it as cold as possible¡ Just a little worried givin all the things ive done and hours of...
  6. 92droptopgt

    Ok i need a little bit more help! Almost done!

    Ok im wondering what is going on today i was at a red light! My car cutt out and took i few seconds of me turning the engine before it finaly started back up again then it was fine this has happend a few times and the only thing that happens that i can see is the rubber house poping of the smog...
  7. 92droptopgt

    Please! Help! Mustang wont run! Im going nutts

    Ooooook! I need gelp my daily driver 92 mustang gt 5.0! The car will start up and run for a sec and have you think its good but once you put it in gear and go im getting hesitation! Sputtering! Back firing poping the hole nine yards! Nooo power what so ever! I have checked the PLUGS! They stil...
  8. 92droptopgt

    My ac stuck on defrost

    Iv red allot about this, alot already I'm wondering where the vaccum gos into the dash mine is just gone! I wana no where I have to run this new line everything else is there just lost in the mix! Sux when ur car has ac like a new f150 and you can't feel it sux and I no I'm so close
  9. 92droptopgt

    Gt fox body check in rep ur fox!!!!!!!!!!

    Check in, laurel md, 20723 92 droptop gt black on black on black! Cam heads intakes inj big rad! Stage 3 water pump full exuast bbk and flows and ac lol a must REPRESENT THAT FOX! I also have under pulleys lowering springs etc lot of refurbing rebuilt wct5 king cobra clutch 5 cheap cables till...
  10. 92droptopgt

    Bigger maf and throttle body from junkyard

    I'm wanting my car faster its a 92 gt 5.0 just some simple cheap ways what can I grab from the local junkyard to make my car faster? 1. Will a maf from alightning or a explorer work for my 92 5.0? Feed it more fuel? 2.throttle body? 3.injectors? I'm open to anything iv worked on many cars...