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    Looking for a guy in Collage Point, NY who does Car Interiors from his home.

    Looking for this guy from College Point, first saw him on Craigslist. Was working on a deal for Seats for my Mustang. Lost his name & number when my Grandson dropped my phone in the toilet. I think his name is Jim???
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    92 Mustang Factory Radio

    Anybody have a 92 Mustang Factory Radio??
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    1999 Mustang For Sale $2100.00 or Best Offer

    1999 Mustang For Sale, V6- Auto, runs good Good Condition Does have a dent behind Pass. door. Asking $2100.00 or Make Offer??? odometer: 1561386 title status: clean transmission: automatic condition: good cylinders: 6 cylinders VIN...
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    WTB Power Brake Booster-92 Mustang

    Looking for a Power Brake Booster for a 92' Mustang, 4 cly, auto if that matters.
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    Sometimes it won't start ??????

    I have a 92 Mustang 2.3, everything seems fine. What happens is I will start it up & go to the store or whatever.I'll go into the store , than come out get into the car & it won't start??? It will turn tunr over, but won't start, you can smell gas after cranking it over a few times. It seems...
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    Craddle Replacement???

    Does anybody know someone who can change my Front end Craddle? It's a 1992 Mustang LX 2.3 I'm on Long Island, Nassau- Suffolk border.
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    Front Suspension knocked out of place

    :confused: Does anyone know were I can get the Front Suspension on my 92 Mustang put back were it belongs, I hit a curb & it got knocked back a few inch's? I was told to do it with a come-a-long, don't know if I want to try doing it myself? I'm on Long Island, Nassau, Suffolk borderline. Thanks...
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    Wanted 4 Lug 15 inch ARE Rims

    Help, need one wheel like this, fits a 92 Mustang 4 Lug, 15 inch Its made by American Racing Wheels
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    I'm trying to find a place to replace the Conv Top & Glass Window on a 1992 Mustang, anybody know a place or someone who can install these? I hoping to find a fair price, if possible? I see them on eBay all the time $100.00 - $ 300.00 + I can help if needed or do it here ?
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    Not Ready Reading on Computer at Inspection Time

    I have a 1999 MUSTANG V6, took it in for the Inspection. Passed all safety parts, he put on the NYS computer & gets a NOT READY reading, everything thing is working on the car,starts right up, runs fine? He said the battery might have went dead at sometime, it didn't, he said put some miles on...
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    92' 2.3 Fuel pump pressure?

    Any body know what the Fuel Pump Pressure should be for a 92' 2.3 :confused:
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    Photo of starter solinoid wiring not a diagram

    HELP! Need a Photo of starter solinoid wiring not a diagram, from a 1992 Mustang 2.3 Auto, A/C :confused:
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    V6 Installed into a 92 Mustang?

    :confused: Has anybody here tried this? Putting a 99 V6 & auto trans into a 92? I have a 92 that needs a new engine, the 2.3 died. I have a good running V6 & trans in the 99 & was just thinking???? :confused:
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    V6 Mustang

    :confused: We used to chain the Engine down, being it touques to the right, saved alot of motor mounds & other parts. :confused:
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    V6 Installed into a 92 Mustang?

    :confused: Has anybody done this before or have any info on how it came out? I have a 92' with a dead engine 2.3 & a 99' with a good v6 & trany & was just thinking instead of a 5.0. I have the complete 99? :confused:
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    New-Old Member

    Been a Member since 9/09 just getting to say HI! I joined to get a little help fixing one of my cars. Great guys here & alot of help on what I needed & still need. I'm a old school mechanic (70's) but still doing some of mine own work. Have a 92' conv that needs a new engine ( 4 cyl ) was going...
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    WTB 2.3 4 cylinder

    Still looking for a 2.3 4 cylinder for my 92' Mustang. Must be the 4 cylinder with 8 spark plugs & FI Thanks!
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    91-93 2.3 4 cyl, 8 plug engine

    Need a 91-93 2.3 4 cyl, 8 plug engine
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    Wanted 2.3 Engine

    Looking for a 91-93 8 plug, 2.3 engine to replace my dead one, 3 dead cylinders
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    Fuel Pump Relay ?

    I'm having trouble with my 92 2.3 Mustang ? It's getting spark, fuel pump is pushing 40 lbs pressure still won't start.Tried a different Computer,same thing won't start? Could it be a Fuel Pump Relay sent the gas back to the tank? If so were is the Relay located? Can anybody HELP???????