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  • I have a 1988 Mustang LX 5.0 and was wondering if I could run the stock PCV and a oil breather on the valve cover at the same time?
    You can but the 86-95 5.0 has the PCV on the back of the lower intake manifold. I have a breather on my valve cover but I have aftermarket valve covers.
    My 2007 4.0 just got painted and is in winter storage. I put my horse away just before the salt hit the road. Can't wait for Spring and tax return!
    Thanks. It's all stock and she has a lot of surface rust on the bottom. The rear passenger window regulator doesn't work and the cigarette lighter under the stereo is dead. But other than that, everything works and the body is solid. The previous owner drove it in the winter, and I can tell the rear end kicked out on her. She hit something at the wheel well. The dealer did a bondo and aerosol overhaul. Terrible job in my opinion. I will have the rear quarter panel correctly done at a body shop when I get my tax return. I plan on either putting 1999 or 2000 stock GT rims on it... but I do like the bullit style rims. At CJ Pony they have white letter tires that could fit the bullit rims. Not sure if they have anything for the stock rims.

    I have a lot of plans with this car. Mostly it will be cosmetic... but I will increase the HP and get the most power out of her without damaging any other components. Doing my homework everyday. $5,000 for this car with 87,500 miles is well worth the purchase in my opinion.
    If anyone goes to the "Car Pride" show on Tuesday in Ithaca, NY. Don't hesitate to stop by my car and say hello. :-)
    Thank you all for greeting me. Just posted some pictures of my daughter. My Fiancé would kill me if I said she was my "other" girlfriend. Lol
    I took my 1999 Ford Mustang to Goodyear to get a front end alignment. It still pulls to the right a tad. The Tech said that the "A" frame got welded. What the heck is the "A" frame?
    Thanks, I am excited. I am figuring out how to use the forum right now. I have a Samsung Note 3 that I use for a computer. So I have to figure out how to use it in conjunction with the website. Working on uploading the pictures of "Nikki."
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