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  • Hi folks. I have not been on here in a sinfully long time. Its a long story you don't need to hear but I'm back. Before I left I had just finished having a full bare metal restoration done to the body of my 1983 GT Turbo. We removed a lot of dents after a barn collapse the poor car was involved in. The drivers side floor had to be replaced along with the doors and we reduced some weight with a fiberglass hatch.
    Missing out on the Thunder road grand opening with my western New York Mustang friends at Watkins glen today. GRRRRR! The car had better be done for the dust off show at the Greece Ridge mall in two weeks!!!!
    Progress on my Gt Turbo is still slow but moving forward. The doors have been painted and blocked and look like BRAND NEW DOOR! they are now replacing the rear floor panel on the driver side that was pretty badly rotted. Because the job has taken so long he's doing it gratis.
    Been gone so long. Car still languishing at body shop. Missed three shows already this season. 13 months and counting.
    Shoveled 3 ft. of snow off my porch roof. Ice dams every where. How long til spring?????
    I'm a Pat's fan but the Seahawks played hard in their last game. It feels like they may want it more.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes. Had a great birthday. gifts a dinner out with mu lady and then a night of music in Rochester.Missing my Stang which still ain't back from the shop.
    Happy Veterans Day to all the Men and Women on here who served our country in peace time and in war. And secondly, I've seen the new 2.3L Twin cam turbo charged 4cylinder mustang and I want one so bad. But at $25,000.00 + I doubt this retired old guy will have one anytime soon......Still I can dream.
    So missing my mustang. So took my Yamaha and Honda bikes out for a spin to get fuel stabilizer down into the carbs.
    went the whole summer without the stang for the full resto. car still sits at the garage with little done. my patience is running out.
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