Past Mustangs

1st) 1970 Mustang Coupe, 250-6 cyl & auto. It was my first car & my first Mustang. Bought it in 1975 for $500.00 to get to tech school. Was wrecked by a drunk driver after only 1 year.
2nd) 1969 Mustang Coupe, 200-6 cyl & auto. Bought to replace the 1970 Coupe so I could finish school. Had this car for 2 years when it was hit in the rear by yet another drunk driver, & I also smacked up the front end in an accident. I figured after 2 years & 2 accidents it was time to sell it.
3rd) 1968 Mustang GT Coupe. Bought it in 1978, I modified the 302 with a high performance cam, 4 bbl manifold & carb, headders, glass pack mufflers, auto & 3.50 rear gears. Had the car painted bright blue & had custom paint work done on it. Pin striped & had the Cobra snake air brushed on the top of the Cobra II hood scoop along with the 302 engine size on the sides of the scoop. Had a stock 1968 black interior with 1970 high back bucket seats. The wheels were the stock 1968 steel GT wheels (painted the same blue as the car) w/center caps & trim rings, which I replaced with a set of aluminum slotted wheels. Had this Mustang for 12 years. Sold it to buy another & then lost my job & could not afford to buy another play toy. 3 moves, 3 houses & 10 years later time for another toy, the present 65 Fastback.

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