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  1. Gsxr1000

    My 1991 fox body is now called squeaky

    Yea zir , thats an idea , i just went out i told my fiancee to turn the wheels back and fourth in the drive way. so now while driving and now standing still just turning the steering wheel back and fourth . the squeaking is getting louder , i just do not want to buy a bunch of front end...
  2. Gsxr1000

    My 1991 fox body is now called squeaky

    Hello there to all , Happy funday. Was wondering form the more experience on here , My fox body is making loud squeaky noises coming from the front end. Driving me crazy , I do not drive the care every day , mainly on the weekends . I have different people tell ing me what it could be . I...
  3. Gsxr1000

    Convertible top will not come up

    Hello I have a 1991 convertible , I put the top down and it no longer wants to come up , I hear the click when I engage the switch . Wondering could the motor have went bad . Also is there a manual way to bring the top up. Pls help needed. :)
  4. Gsxr1000

    I like your picture.

    I like your picture.
  5. Gsxr1000

    F/S Foxbody Exterior Parts - Body kit, Smoked Head/Tail lights, weatherstriping, etc

    Interested on the rear spoiler shipping to 07628 if still available .
  6. Gsxr1000

    light blue smoke

    Yes you guys are correcto . We are changing the valve seals. Since its my project car I don't drive it during the week , a friend mechanic told me not to push the car hard . Hope fully fixing it this weekend . Thanks guys for the info .
  7. Gsxr1000

    light blue smoke

    Thanks, Smoke comes out the pipes when i get on the gas hard , its like a puff of light blue smoke , When i am driving normal no smoke. i was told to check the plugs ,
  8. Gsxr1000

    light blue smoke

    Had a buddy of mine following behind me the other day and when I press on the gas harder than normal a puff of blue smoke was detected . Can any one tell me bout that smoke . It only happens when I take of in a quick hurry ! Thanks.
  9. Gsxr1000

    1991 convertible

    Just purchase my first mustang and don't know where to start , this is my summer project , car runs ok , I do have a blown header so it sound louder than usual . New headers on order, Concentrating on the engine , so far changed all fluids. Looking to perform tune up next. Where is a...
  10. Gsxr1000

    New guy from el Bronx NY

    Hello to all , Stumble upon a 1991 fox body convertible . Looking for a project . I am a bike enthusiast , since I am selling my bikes winding down . Always wanted a mustang . My landlord had this one in his garage for 11 years . Well maintain and now my hobby , looking to work on it...