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  • I saw some of your pics when you were welding up the trunk floor, looking good. Keep upi the good work. When I replaced the trunk floor in my 69 Coupe I set the trunk in place to align everything before welding it like you are doing.
    I was looking at the pics of all the sheet metal work you did on the rear of your 65 Fastback, when you were doing the trunk floor it looks like the rear end was out of your car, what did you use to support the rear of the car?.
    Hi NY65Fastback, I am Mike65. I am also restoring a 65 Fastback. I am currently doing the sheet metal work. I just have the trunk floor & r/s quater panel & it will be ready for paint. I also have a 69 Coupe waiting when I am done with the Fastback.
    Hey, you wouldn't know where there's another fastback for restoration?
    I bought 8 cars around 1975-76 to fix up one '66 Coupe and then traded it and $800 for a 65 Fastback... Painted it Wimbleton White w/Royal Guardsman Blue stripes and had my Pseudo-Shelby, I called it. Got to park next to a real 65 Shelby at one of the SuperFord shows, and the guy let me sit in the real one! What a thrill that was, at the time...

    Good luck with yours! Doin' good so far!

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