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  1. ststang

    MMD Eleanor Scoops for 2005-2014

    I installed a set of pre-painted (Satin Silver for my 2005 V6) Modern Muscle Design (MMD) Eleanor-Style Scoops to cover up the Quarter Windows. Like the look but wanted a little extra and got custom vinyl stickers made like the old 1969/1970 Sport Roof emblems. Really like how it came out...
  2. ststang

    2014 Northeast Mustang Meet

    Northeast Mustang Meet held at the Broome County Fairgrounds in Whitney Point, New York on Saturday, September 20, 2014. Here are a few pics to start the thread. I will post more later and link to a gallery once I get all the photos done. Please, post your own photos here, too! Good turn...
  3. ststang

    Pioneer NEX 4000

    Replaced the Shaker 500 with a Pioneer NEX 4000 Head unit professionally installed bringing the 2005 into the 21st Century. Have a lot more setting up to do as I wait for Apple to release the CarPlay firmware update from Pioneer. Maybe after next week's Apple announcements.
  4. ststang

    Photoshoot This Weekend: 2005 V6 Coupe

    After getting her all detailed and shined up, took some reference photos:
  5. ststang

    Replacing Rear Spoiler

    I will be replacing the Satin Silver rear spoiler with a black one. Same part, different color. I have been able to find stuff on how to take it off but not how to put the new one back on. Has anyone done this? Looks like I am going to need some sort of adhesive or two-side tape to seal it...
  6. ststang

    05-09 GT Muffler

    For upgrade on V6 in Syracuse area. Only need RH but will gladly pickup a set for future dual exhaust mod. Will drive to pickup. Thanks!