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  1. ststang

    More Turbo for 2020 Ecoboost

    The Ford Mustang Could Score a New, More Powerful Turbo Engine in 2020 About time!!! I am sure they will just put on the Ford Performance Tune or something like that. I will be interested to see if they put in a bigger intercooler in this model which is a huge drag on the current stock Mustang...
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    F/S 2015-2017 Ecoboost Mustang Performance Pack Wheels and Tires/Spacers

    Note: I live near Syracuse, NY. Wiling to sell the spacers with the wheels & tires for $800.00. These spacers were designed specifically for the S550 Mustangs with Stock Wheels.
  3. ststang

    2017 Syracuse Nationals

    Attended the 2017 Syracuse Nationals last Saturday (July 15th) and took a few photos. First up are the Mustangs which caught my eye: Told my wife she could buy this one for me. Listed at $89.9K which I though was reasonable. The color is called Calypso Coral and it's a 1969 Boss 302...
  4. ststang

    32nd Annual Cortland Cruise Night

    See flyer pages below for details. Not really a "night" cruise. Well attended each year by all makes, models, years, etc. of cars and trucks. Only $5 gets you a chance a on slew of door prizes. Weather is looking great.
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    SCDA @ Watkins Glen Int. 2-Day Driving Event

    Sports Car Driving Association (SCDA) is having a 2-day (July 17-18, 2017) Driving Event at Watkins Glen International. This is not racing but you can run the track without the pace car. Not cheap at $385 for one day and $695 for two days. Each day gets you two hours of on-track experience plus...
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    B&D Exhaust Inquiry

    Have any of you used B&D Exhaust in Binghamton? I am looking at them to install a custom exhaust for my Ecoboost Mustang. So, far, they seem like great people to work with. Thank you.
  7. ststang

    CNY Cars and Coffee for 2017

    Every Saturday weather permitting starting on April 29, 2017 and going until end of September. Always a large group of Mustangs along with other manufacturers, classics, muscle cars and even exotics will roll in. Check out the flyer and come join in on the fun.
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    2017 SSMC All Ford Cruise In and Swap Meet

    Always a great event with hundreds of Mustangs and other Ford vehicles. Swap tables and vendors in attendance. Food and drink served on premises. Link to PDF Brochure and Registration Form with Contact Info
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    April 9th 2017- Watkins Glen and Kick Off Cruise

    Post your photos and videos from the 2017 Watkins Glen International Opening Weekend Cruise. Here we are once we got inside the gate. Well, most of us anyway. :D My spot in line. I will be adding more as I get time to process them.
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    Muffler Shop

    Looking for a muffler shop in upstate New York near the Thruway (Albany to Buffalo) or Route 81 (Binghamton to Watertown) which can do custom work for my Ecoboost Mustang Coupe/Fastback. I know what I want and can show the shop a video from a shop in California which does them. Syracuse...
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    Genie...the Little Grabber Blue Ecoboost Coupe

    10 points to anyone who gets the reference in the title. Picked Genie (the color reminded me of Genie from Disney's animated feature, Aladdin, voiced by the late Robin Williams) up on August 3, 2016 from Koerner Ford in Syracuse, New York (if you stop in, ask for the nutty Canadian Ben...
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    2005 Ford Mustang Satin Silver 5spd V6 Coupe

    SOLD! 2005 Ford Mustang Satin Silver 5spd V6 Coupe I know most people here are looking for a GT but thought you could help spread the word. I have added a bunch of appearance mods. I am not into power adders and it would be a nice project car for someone wanting to turn the wrenches. Make a...
  13. ststang

    2017 Mustangs Can Be Dealer Ordered Now

    Was at my Ford Dealer today with my wife's Escape for 30K servicing. For grins and giggles, I asked the salesman who did our Escape lease when I could order a 2017 Mustang. He thought I could now. He checked with a manager and, sure enough, I could. I had them do up a quote for an Ecoboost...
  14. ststang

    Cold Air Intakes

    Looking at the BBK for V6 Mustangs at American Muscle. Says a tune is not needed and will add some power to the engine. Anyone put a Cold Air Intake on their V6 and got some added get up and go?
  15. ststang

    Rudy's Lakeside Mustang Cruise

    Rudy's is a popular lakeside eatery near Oswego, New York (just past the SUNY-Oswego campus) and is known for its world-class sunsets. If interested or have any questions, leave a reply on this thread: Rudy's Lakeside Mustang Cruise Here are the details... Meet at the Great Northern...
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    2016 CNY Weekly Car Events

    Here are two weekly car events in Central New York starting up soon. Not Mustang specific but always a good turnout of local Stangs at each event and every week. Cars & Coffee at the Wegman's on Route 57 on Saturdays will start back up on April 30th from 7am to 10:30am. 3 Rivers Car...
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    Carplay and Android Auto coming to 2017 Mustang

    I was hoping Apple Carplay would be in the 2016 model year so it looks like I will need to wait for the 2017. I put a Pioneer NEX system in my 2005 so I could use Carplay and have found it invaluable. Here's the link: 2017 Mustang gets Apple CarPlay and Android Auto UPDATE: Looks like 2016...
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    Remove Rocker Panel Stripes

    What does it take to remove the factory rocker panel stripes from my car (see photo)? Would like to go with blue stripes on the rocker panels and blue on the hood.
  19. ststang

    Replacement Headlights

    Looking to upgrade my 2005 headlights and came across the Anzo Ford Mustang Black With Halo CCFL Headlights. Has anyone installed these or have suggestions of what to use?
  20. ststang

    Using Spare Tire Space for Storage

    I must be missing some parts in the spare tire assembly as the bolt holding the tire down came through the cover. My thought would be to take the spare tire out and lay in a storage box/cylinder to put stuff in like a Tire Fix It kit, cleaning supplies, etc. Have not found anything googling...