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  1. SonicBoom

    2003 svt cobra sonic blue

    dont really want to do this but there comes a time in life when people have to make very difficult decisions. . im selling her :( mods in sig 60k miles pics in profile and i will email more if u request the car now has black rims on it . . and i will also throw in the original rims, same size...
  2. SonicBoom

    1996 mustang gt for sale!

    146k miles. . car is in great condition . . only issue it has is i cant get it alligned! hit a curb a few years back . . maybe bent an A arm or something? either way i hate to see it go but i sold it to my father to buy my cobra and hes selling it for a dp on a 2011 gt! any ways .. no pics yet...
  3. SonicBoom

    MSD Ignition launch master

    180 bucks from summit and u can install a launch control system into any modular engine mustang? its a ll box with pluggies that plugs into the factory coils . . has anyone tried this???? what do you guys think?? this looks too good to be true
  4. SonicBoom

    xbox360 ELITE w/ death rings

    SYSTEM DOES NOT WORK: ill start at $50 that should cover the 120 gb hard drive that comes with the system alone pm me with an offer also looking to buy another 360. . so ne one looking to sell also pm me
  5. SonicBoom

    cobra away on saturday :(

    its the end of my first summer with my girl and her time to sleep is saturday :( just thought u all should know. . lets all stay in touch and continue the get togethers! they are lotsa funn
  6. SonicBoom

    REALLLYY fast mustang

  7. SonicBoom

    Sonic Boom's First Video

    My first mustang vid!!! its kinda crappy and i need to learn to not talk when i video tape!!! ahahah but its a first . . made this two summers ago . .
  8. SonicBoom

    new name = new sig!

    id like to use these pics .. if u want sumthin else lemme know! or look thru my albums thanks !
  9. SonicBoom

    my 9/20 pics

    i ran outta room!! dude mike u need to allow more room in the albums! i have more but this is all u ppl get for now:smash:
  10. SonicBoom

    hey everyone!

    check out the new name!!! ahahah lets see how many ppl confuse me! .. hmmm time for a new sig!?
  11. SonicBoom

    pics of the skinnies :(

    all in the name of traction just for the season
  12. SonicBoom

    jlt installation instructions

    ne one have these?
  13. SonicBoom

    cold air

    getting one soon! just wanted to update u all . .should prolly be installed yb the end of the week :)
  14. SonicBoom

    cobra compilation video

    hey guys .. im looking for this awesome vid that used to be online and i had saved it but i redid my comp and lost it now i cant find it. its a terminator compilation and starts off with the song what a wonderful world . .then gets all badass and goes to BOOM by pod . it has the nasty black kb...
  15. SonicBoom

    Overheating issues (03/04 cobra)

    Ok so as a few of you know I recently had overheating issues in my cobra. The problem is all clear, but sense I discussed the issue in a separate thread I figured I would make a new thread solely dedicated to this issue and how to fix it. So if you ever have issues overheating after you've...
  16. SonicBoom


    Need 2 315!! looking for Dr's for my cobra . . something well priced . .with more than 70% tread . . if no one has i guess ima hafta go new
  17. SonicBoom

    termi cruiseeee

    ok so all you crazies with terminators .. we should all go on a cruise somewhere?!?!?! :headbang::rock: i know tim would be down . . haha but i want to see all you guys' cars. I have saturday off . .kinda tempted to drive to carlisle for the day
  18. SonicBoom


    im selling for my friend. . im pretty sure its a 2006. its a 600 gsx r.has around 2500 miles and i say around cuz he still drives it. bike is clean, any more questions about it pm me and ill ask him asap. asking $6500.
  19. SonicBoom

    Help!!! Cel codes

    P01141 02 sensor heater circuit malfunction bank 1 sensor 2 p0161 02 sensor heater circuit malfunction bank 2 sensor 2 p2272 signal stuck lean bank 2 sensor 2 i have bassani catted x and bassani cat back .. what do i do!! im almost certain the 02 sensors are ok . . i have mil elims on . ...