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  1. Mike65

    Back from vacation.

    Well it has been almost 1 week back to work from vacation. My wife & I went on a 7 day cruise to the Bahama's where we visited Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay, & Freeport on Grand Bahama Island. We went out of the port of Baltimore on Carnival Cruise Lines which was nice since Baltimore is only a 3...
  2. Mike65

    WTB 82-85 V-8 dual snorkel air cleaner.

    I am interested in purchasing a dual snorkel air cleaner from a 79-85 Mustang/Capri V-8 at a reasonable price.
  3. Mike65

    Are these heads good?

    I have the opportunity to purchase 2 cylinder heads off a 302 Boss crate engine M-6007-X302B along with the cam from a friend at work for $900.00. The heads are the Ford Racing aluminium GT-40 M-6049-X306 along with the roller rocker arms. The cam is a hydraulic roller M-6250-B303. He just...
  4. Mike65

    Local car show pics.

    Two weeks ago my wife & I went to a car show in Seaside Heights, NJ, there were some real nice cars there.
  5. Mike65

    Parking brake handle mod question.

    I am installing a 1987 Fox Mustang center mount parking brake handle in my 69 Mustang with the rear drum brakes that I purchased from a member here. I will be using the Ford Racing front parking brake cable #-M2810A...
  6. Mike65

    Rear drum brake conversion

    I want to convert the rear drum brakes on my 69 Mustang from the 10" X 1 3/4" to the 11" X 2 1/4" rear brakes that was used on 80's era Crown Vic's & was wondering if the 14" 68/69 Mustang styled steel wheels will fit over the larger rear drums without rubbing?.
  7. Mike65

    Help needed on a 1987 Fox Mustang parking brake assembly.

    As the title says I need info on what if anything I need to do to the center mount parking brake assembly that I installed in my 69 Mustang. I have drum brakes in the rear of my Mustang that I will be converting to the larger 10 x 2.25 size. I will be using the Lokar rear universal...
  8. Mike65

    5.0 rebuild for the 69 Coupe & your opinions.

    Even though it will be about 1 year before I build the engine I started doing some research. The engine I am using came from a 1987 C/V with about 87K miles. My 69 Coupe will be a weekend cruiser, I want a car with some good get up & go. I already have the 5.0, a T-5 5 spd from a 1987 Mustang, &...
  9. Mike65

    What to do next?.

    I am closing in on finishing up the sheet metal work on my 69 Coupe & I am getting ready to move on to another part of the car. I was thinking of getting the car painted but with it being in a 1 car garage & having to be moved in & out every time I want to work on it I am thinking on leaving...
  10. Mike65

    Shock tower big block reinforcements.

    I purchased the big block shock tower reinforcements from Opentracker racing shock-tower-repair-reinforcement-kit-1967-1970/to] weld on to the shock towers on my 69 Coupe. The shock towers have sagged in about...
  11. Mike65

    Almost ready for paint.

    I need some opinions from everyone here please, I am getting to the point where I will probably be getting the 69 Coupe painted this year some time. I decided on yellow. Now the problem of what shade of yellow, I want bright yellow. The ones I have narrowed it down to are; canary/chrome yellow...
  12. Mike65

    WTB Piece of trans tunnel

    As the title states I need the section of the trans tunnel where the E-brake bolts to & the cable goes through the floor. I need the piece that is spot welded under the tunnel that the cable clips to. The E-brake handle I am using is from a 87-93 Mustang. I am adding the trans tunnel E-brake to...
  13. Mike65

    2014 Mustang GT-500 vs Corvette Z51

    Check this out. 2014 Corvette Stingray Z51 vs. 2014 Ford Mustang GT500 | PowerNation
  14. Mike65

    Trans tunnel E brake set up help needed.

    On my 69 Coupe I am converting the E brake to a center trans tunnel set up. I already purchased the handle assembly & I am looking to see if anyone has a Fox body Mustang they are scrapping if you could cut out around the area where the E brake mounts to the tunnel including the bracket welded...
  15. Mike65

    WTB 87-93 Mustang E-Brake handle.

    As the title says I am looking for a 87-93 Mustang e-brake handle assembly. Respond here or shoot me a PM. It would need to be shipped to the Jersey shore & I will pay the shipping. TIA, Mike.
  16. Mike65

    Old Craftsman tool box for sale.

    As the title says I have my old 3 piece Craftsman tool box for sale $150.00 OBO. I also have a torch set with the cart $100.00. They are located at my house at the Jersey shore. Mike.
  17. Mike65

    F/S 1987 AOD slip yoke

    For sale 1987 AOD slip yoke $10.00 Mike.
  18. Mike65

    Help decoding a T-5 trans tag.

    I need some help decoding a T-5 trans tag that I am using for the swap in my 69 Coupe. I know the trans came out of a Mustang GT I believe it was a 1986. The tag is as follows; E6ZR-7003-FB REP-ATI 13-52-169 97375 G237-2 Any help would be appreciated. TIA, Mike.
  19. Mike65

    Serpentine belt pulley question.

    I have an 87 5.0 that I am going to install in my 69 Coupe once I build the engine with a top engine kit, does anyone have any idea where I can get billet serpentine belt pulleys, so I can run a serpentine belt setup instead of going back to V-belts?. It has the factory serp pulleys on the...
  20. Mike65

    Welding question.

    I am going to purchase a bottle for my welding gas now that I have converted my welder to MIG, my question is should I get the 20 cu ft bottle, or the 40 cu ft bottle?. Mike.