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    F/S 2012 gt500 rear seats in black

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    F/S 2012 gt front bumper & rear valance +more

    front bumper pulled when car was new back valance had 10k. looking 300 for both best offer, also have gt500 rear seat (300/best offer)and gt500 front headrest(100 or best offer) from 2011 along with gt mufflers with 10k miles on them(best offer). premium gt door panels with subwoofers for 225.00
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    IMG 1256

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    IMG 1259

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    IMG 1263

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    IMG 1266

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    wishing for better knees

    wishing for better knees
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    1988 LX 5.0 Mustang need help with price

    I don't have those skills. I have come to terms that its time to move on. I have kids and hardly drove it when I could, hense the 32k in 20+ years.
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    1988 LX 5.0 Mustang need help with price

    Thanks all will do I am going out of town this weekend but once I come back I will pull out of garage and take pics
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    1988 LX 5.0 Mustang need help with price

    I have a 88 black hatchback red int. that has less than 60k miles on it I purchased in 89 with 17k. it is loaded with sunroof. 5 star pony wheels. all oem except for wheels and flow master exhaust. I have a bad knee and can not drive stick anymore(have not been really able to for over 5 years...