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    Seat Belt issues??? Please help! 03 convertible

    So my wife has been complaining that the passenger side seat belt locks up and pulls on her over just about any bump. I know they are supposed to lock up and pull back in an accident, but this happened to her today about 5 times on a half hour drive. I live in NYC and you can guess how the...
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    New member saying hi from the Bronx

    That sounds great, once we are open again that is lol. Your hiatus was about the same length of time mine was.
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    New member saying hi from the Bronx

    Good day, I hope everyone is safe from this virus. I'm new to the site, but not new to Mustangs. Had about 10 various fox bodies in the past and took a little break from them. Just last year I purchased a 2003 true blue convertible GT. It's my daily as long as the white stuff doesn't fall...