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  1. lazer

    5.4 MOTOR

    Looking for replacement motor for 99 f-250 w/ 5.4 liter
  2. lazer

    Dominator running stronger,still needs tune.

    Too bad season here in northeast is about over.
  3. lazer

    fuel pump replacement for brother-in-law

    any hints or suggestions appreciated,never dropped tank before .:confused:
  4. lazer

    new to club,got the car bug again!

    hi, my name is bill laisdell and joined club couple weeks ago. It's been fruitfull so far,meeting a great mechanic to tune my dominator, and find a electrical gremlin on my highly modified 2000 gt. met some good peeps at the lot last week. lokking forward to meeting some new faces who share my...
  5. lazer

    backfiring under load,no codes?

    I have a 2000 gt 2v with a kennebell blower.the car has 98,000 miles on it and has ran flawlessly for years . i had to replace the coil paks a couple years ago because it was cutting out under heavy load. it started doing it again but backfiring more and sputtering under moderate load,replaced...