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  1. eddie

    up date on the 81 ttop. before and after

    before and now . I can say im almost done .
  2. eddie

    need some help. did the 96 ford explorer intake swap

    okay first of all I have a stock 1986 engine . I pick up a upper and lower intake from 96 ford explorer. I installed it now she runs rich, and wont idle now the diferents between the two lower intakes is the stock had a place for a (act) air charge temperature sensor and the explorer doesn't...
  3. eddie

    4 cyl rear end and springs

    stock rear end out of a 1980 4cly mustang and springs 150. for rear end 60. for spring obo
  4. eddie

    transmission problems

    okay for the first time in 12 + years i got my car on the road :rock: but i took it for a ride and it fine in 1st shift hard into 2nd and no 3rd :nono: i did the motor and trans swap going on 2 years ago 302.ho and auto trans out of a 1986 gt i dont no if it a c3-c4 or a c5 i dont see a...
  5. eddie

    seat belt buckle

    i need both sides for front seat female part
  6. eddie

    i dont no what the real name is but trunk rods

    im looking for thos rods that go in the trunk of a coupe mustang and hold up the trunk
  7. eddie

    81 t-top time to start the build

    put in a good size order and just got my stuff today
  8. eddie

    i did it i stole his car first [mustangls1]

    jk jk :evil: . we are going to be working on both of the cars together .:rock:
  9. eddie

    hood scoop

    looking for a 1979 cobra hood scoop
  10. eddie

    pics of vet cruise

  11. eddie

    brake booster

    well the brake booster that is in my car 1981 4cyl. car now 5.0 ho .is shot . so should i go for the same one that was in the car or go for the 1 that goes with motor
  12. eddie

    sell or trade

    302 its ben setting like the title says make me a offer wont it gone. or trade fox parts need brake boster / oil pan sold to 1990 lx
  13. eddie

    oil pan

    looking for oil pan .i think mine has a hole in or it just roten to bad 86 /5.0 ho thanks
  14. eddie


    looking 4 a rust free trunk lid for an 80 model
  15. eddie


    i have set of gt seat that i have in car now dont like them what do u have
  16. eddie

    gas mileage question

    what do u guys think a 3.8 v6 mustang gets for mpg . the reason i ask is my truck gets 16 mpg i get 260. miles to a tank . i put $70.00 in once a week . and i was woundering if a 3.8 v6 mustang would get better gas mileage then that so i can try to save some $$$$$ .:confused::confused::confused:
  17. eddie

    1979 ford fairmont

    1979 ford fairmont $800.00 run good just some tlc and a tune up .driver door will need to be replaced v8 302
  18. eddie

    1979 ford fairmont

    1979 ford fairmont runs good needs tune up and some t l c will need driver door . im selling this car 4 a friend $800.obo
  19. eddie

    looking 4

    i have the driver one just need pass must be in chrome or if u know ware i can get a set of them thanks
  20. eddie


    works great just trying to make some room the game $100.00 obo the orgen $50.00 obo