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  • Hey Brian..I know you said that the Make A Wish cruise is a no go for you....So you thinking your gonna make it to the lot Sat. night!?!?

    If weather permits Im still game!
    i couldent make due to work went in at 5:30 am didnt get out untill 11:30pm
    hay need some pic of your car are u going to be up saturday at the meet spot
    Hey stranger what's going on? Glad to hear that you're into the foxbody scene! Stop by the garage sometime and check my toy out! I can't wait to see yours,i miss my 90 gt.
    I think I can get at least one of them to come. he's got an SN95 Cobra. The other is a doctor at GFH in the ER and the other is a Paramedic for Empire ambulance. I'll see what I can do!
    Awesome! Would love more locals! These guys will be joing along with us Sat.
    Wills95v6Mustang breatle62

    and yes the truck section should be perfect for us! If the local stang owners are friends of yours just tell theme to tag along nothing will convince theme like cruseing in the pack of stangs.....the more the merry-or!!!!
    Sounds great. We can meet in the truck parking section. Alot of room there normally to avoid car dings and stupid people! ;) I'll see ya there at 6. I also told 3 more 'Stang owners about this site so hopefully they'll join too. All are in the Glens Falls area.
    Yup Sat. evening is correct!
    and McDonald's is prob a better idea!Big enough but not to hectic, pulse right by I87!
    So well say 6 O'clock Pm at Ext.18 McDonalds.....See you then!
    That's fine or we could even meet at Exit 18 McDonalds if that would be easier. Whatever makes it easiest for everyone. We're heading down Saturday night, right?
    Sweet....They meet up there around 7 so we could all meet somewhere in Glens Falls here around 6 and have plenty of time to cruse over there! As of now there are 4 of us heading down from GF:headbang:(including you)....But one Buddie has a headlight out hopefully hill fix that so theres no worrys!
    Ill talk around and find out where would be the best meeting point....How do you feel about Taco Bell/Tractor Supply Parking lot???
    I'm in as I'm off on the weekends. The car's not much to look at now, but I will be cleaning, clay-barring and waxing it on Saturday to spruce it up a bit. ;)
    In the Central New York section is the "BK Lot" thread.....Actually the whole zpony family that you bought your car from hang over there....Some times members meet up just to bull crap and just to get the cars out and together and some times they go on cruses from there....But its right off Ext 9 (I believe I have not been sence last year) but its a decent lil cruse for us Warrent County guys.....Would be sweet to have abother stang rolling down with us! But check the thread out usually a good turn out of stangs there, and Let me know If youd be in!
    Hey you got that stang on the road and ready to cruse>???? Tryin to get a couple local guys together to roll down to the BK lot this weekend and meet with theme in that area! Should be a blast!
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