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  • i was checkin out your pics... sweet lookin car! is that a saleen style wing? where did you buy it and did it bolt right up with the factory holes? i want to get one for my car but didnt want to drill/ and fill old holes.
    Is everything Ok have not herd from you in a while...just checking in to see if all is well...
    hey floyd got some t shirts mad for the wildponies let me know if you want one they are going fast...and they are available in black or red..
    Sick ride man. I love the grille over the grille on the front. Thats a nice touch, very clever.:awesomework:
    Your car looks hot. I went to MM and they told me about the Tokico spring and shock kit(blue). I read that you have them installed. Do you really like them? How much did the car drop? Did you need CC plates? Thanks
    My BF has a Supra that he just got a Turbo kit, it's supposed to be giving him 550-600RWHP; What do you have done to your '04 GT?
    I got so c pillar scoops today. and I am trying to get this guy to sell me his procharger from mach1registry for 2700. keep our fingers crossed he will bite..
    Ill be their tomorrow(Tuesday). 1k is HUGE DIFFERENCE. There must be a reason why. Let me know when youll be there. Im on my winter lay-off and I go there every day.
    Hey Floyd, Think this weather will ever go away? lol
    Hope we could get together soon..Are you going up to Mustang Magic any time soon..Joe gave me a price for NOS but I was hopping he would of given me a better price. I want to give him the work because you have delt with them in the past but I have done business with dan at Real speed in the past and he gave me a price that beet joe by about a grand..thats alot of money..I am gonna go up there and give joe the list of stuff Dan is giving me and compare to what joe is orfering and compare apples for apples..both places are the best on the Island and I will be happy to go with any one of these guys, but since the have a relationship with you I thought I would give them a shot and put them on our referal list of the wild ponies..talk to you soon'
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