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  • Dave,
    if all goes well we will be at MOMS racing tomorrow just going to watch this time wife wants to see what its like.

    anyway to get into pits without racing or do we have to go to grandstands.

    been long time since i've been to one myself

    Its just got the basic bolt ons for now. Next winter plan on doing a 351 stroker build shooting for 450HP on motor then put a nice shot of nitrous to her and seen what happens. Im from Watertown NY where are you located?
    Hey whats up man? I see you just joined and you live in Brockport. I grew up there and I live in Holley now. You probably will see my car alot seeing how I go there every day. Nice looking fox body you got there. I go to the NYIRP for the MOMS events. If you ever need work done to the stang let me know I have a buddy that does work on stangs. He is putting some 4.10's in the stang tonight. Jon
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