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  • Sorry will. I was out back with the family. I got to work tonight but I'm off tomorrow and Wed.
    how hard was it to get your chin spoiler on? i'm thinking about getting one but i don't wanna go to a shop just for that:smash:
    Yeah, one of these days when the sun stays out all of us locals should meet at the parking garage where you and TBapp shot some pics. It looks like a great spot for a little photo shoot of all us GF members.
    it was nice to talk to ya today! i wish we could have pulled off somewhere and talked more but i was taking my friend home...but hopefully we can get together soon!! the stang sounded AWESOME:awesomework:
    lol yea I think that was before I joined but thats exactly what I thought when I was on my first cruse.....Imagine not knwing a thing about NYM and just seeing that many stangs out together.....AMAZING.....Well next time us locals are gonna do some type of cruse Ill let you know!
    I checked the thread. 7PM is when I go in, so the weekend is definitely out. +1 on the pack of stangs. The Veteran's Cruise last year was great. Can only imagine what others thought when 35-40 stangs passed them on our way to Newburgh. :)
    Ahh The work thing....Gotta love it lol..... well good luck with the build when the stuff comes in....We have a descent little crew of Local Glens Falls guys on here now trying to get some stuff going on.....So def. keep in touch it is a BLAST having a pack of nothing but stangs rolling around!
    Working this weekend. Car's on the road & in 1 piece still. Waiting on the rest of my order from MMR.
    Hey is your stang ready to see the road or you got her in the garage getting torn apart already???Me and a copule other local guys are gonna meet up around town and cruse to the BK lot in Clifton Park to meet up with other members over the weekend let me know what you think!
    Wills, I seen you replied in the new member section earlier. I do believe I've seen you around. My car is easy to spot. I have yet to see another black sn95 with a white top. :)
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